Eddie Hackett

Eddie Hackett (1910 - 1996) was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1910.

He began playing golf with his father, and as a teenager got a job at his hometown Royal Dublin Golf Club. By the 1930s he had worked his way up as a golf professional, making clubs and competing in tournaments. In 1939 became the head golf professional at Portmarnock Golf Club.

Hackett worked like the architects of a bygone era, laying out a course on the land as he found it. As Hackett himself said, "I find that nature is the best architect . . . I try to dress up what the Lord provides."

Eddie designed the original Red/Yellow course.

Joe Bedford

Joe Bedford trained at the Royal Dublin Golf Club; he then became the head greenkeeper at St. Anne's Golf Club. In 1991, he joined Hollystown and oversaw the final completion of the original development. After seven years, Joe designed the additional nine holes at Hollystown (Blue Nine); these holes, as you will see, perfectly complement, and even augment, the original nine holes

There's always an issue in Ireland with Parkland courses, especially in the winter months. And that issue is drainage. Because we have a modern course, we tend to be one of the first courses to dry out. During construction, we invested in the latest U.S.G.A. greens construction so the greens are usually dry - and fast.